Test drive a futuristic Renault Symbioz coupe

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This experimental coupé with installed autopilot is a test car Renault is proud to share with all journalists. Several examples of Renault Symbioz have been assembled and at the moment they are undergoing large-scale tests in order to improve the autopilot system, which will soon go into series.
Assembled Renault Symbioz in Guyancourt, a small town near Paris. The car received its futuristic appearance from the eminent designer Joseph Reeve. The car is not only attractive in appearance, but also meets the high aerodynamic standards that are imposed on all modern electric vehicles.

The undercarriage of the car is somewhat reminiscent of the Model S and Model X platforms. Under the bottom is an impressive 100 kWh battery. The main feature of the Renault prototype is its fully controlled chassis.
It should be noted that the car gives the impression of comfort and safety on the road. We do not know how it was possible, but letting go of the steering wheel and activating the automatic control, you feel absolutely comfortable. The car is stuffed with sensors that determine all the parameters and accurately piloting the coupe even in a busy traffic.http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/