Test drive a powerful crossover Renault Duster

03-сен, 15;20 admin 11 251
So, Renault Duster of the latest modification is waiting for us on the site. The beautiful appearance of an aggressive crossover beckons for road pranks. However, we will not violate the traffic rules of Romania, but we will go to the nearest forest to evaluate Duster in the conditions for which it was created.
In principle, there are few innovations in the updated Renault Duster. The car interior has been somewhat prettier, ergonomics and design have improved. Many nice features have appeared, such as the convenient location of the power window buttons or the Media Nav system with an updated processor.

But this is not the main thing when a 1.5 dCi turbodiesel producing 109 hp is making noise under the hood. coupled with a six-speed manual and four-wheel drive. 200 N • m are issued already at 1750 rpm, which means that the car should show its best side in light off-road conditions.

Indeed, the new Duster chews on small passes and bumps with ease. However, steeper hills and slides are too tough for the motor. The lack of power makes itself felt by the characteristic voltage coming from under the hood.
Whatever it was, but we got pleasant emotions from driving the Duster. This is not a super car for any conditions, however, it is one hundred percent suitable for walking in nature!http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/