Test drive the new Renault Logan

03-сен, 15;22 admin 11 325
Renault Logan needs no special introduction. The classics of the French automotive industry still cause many pleasant experiences for connoisseurs of reliable and high-quality cars. In our review, the latest version of Logan, which we will be testing.
Renault Logan itself is an inexpensive and very affordable car. At the same time, it looks very modern and neat. There are night lights with soft neon lighting and chrome wells. Pleasant finishing materials and a generally neat interior create the most reliable impressions from the first acquaintance.

However, the landing is not so comfortable and is slightly lifted up, which will make tall people a little uncomfortable. The seats are quite soft and comfortable. There is a back support. But for the spaciousness in the elbows, Renault Logan "will make" any other passenger car with one left.

A modest 82 hp engine awaits us under the hood. which in the derated version is capable of delivering 134 N • m at 2800 rpm. This is enough for city driving. Special miracles are not to be expected. But the engine is very reliable and easy to maintain.
The new Logan creates the same experience. It is an inexpensive but high quality car for everyday use.http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/