Gilles Vidal from Peugeot joins Renault

03-сен, 15;28 admin 11 359
The famous chief designer of the Peugeot company, who worked for the equally famous French concern for more than a quarter of a century, goes to Renault. This news spread across all the largest news tabloids in the world. Further on the reasons for such a radical change of work.
Gilles' place in Peugeot was taken by the talented Mathias Hossann, but what position Vidal himself received in Renault, new to himself, is still unknown. It is only known that Laurens van den Acker will be the direct boss of the famous employee. He will now have to take over the patronage of two leaders, including the eminent designer Seat Mesonero-Romanos.

From the sparse explanations of the Renault management, it became clear that the company needed a valuable employee in the person of Gilles Vidal due to its unrivaled experience in the industry. Gilles has a phenomenal skill in building strong and memorable brands, so his experience will serve Renault well.
This is not the first experience of the company in the field of "headhunting". Earlier it was possible to lure Luca de Meo, who is now working as CEO of Renault. Many French media were seriously alarmed, and now they are wondering who will be the next eminent designer who will be lured to a new job.