Mercedes-Benz T-class will repeat Renault Kangoo

03-сен, 15;29 admin 11 407
The agency Mercedes-Benz Vans recently announced that a new model of the company for connoisseurs of active leisure will soon appear on the European market. According to experts, the German giant has decided to repeat the success of Renault Kangoo and, in cooperation with the French, roll out its T-class car.
With all this, the Daimler company, owned by Mercedes-Benz, has been successfully releasing its second-generation Kangoo clone for several years, which is called Citan. The car is nothing special, but it is in demand among consumers.

The fall update of the original Kangoo is expected to serve as the base for the new T-Class car from Mercedes-Benz. At the same time, the management in Stuttgart declares that Citan will continue to appear in the same guise, but the new cargo van is positioned for fans of active types of suburban recreation.

Apparently, this will serve as a more luxurious cabin, which will be borrowed directly from the V-class. In addition, a powerful media system and a sophisticated security system are expected to appear.
Time will tell whether the new car will be in demand, but Nissan's Kangoo clone under the iconic name Navara was out of luck. It was taken out of production back in May.