Renault Twingo Z.E. showed the Vibes version

03-сен, 15;30 admin 11 366
Renault Twingo Z.E. - a car with a difficult fate. It appeared as a concept back in 2013, and so far has remained only in the plans of the developers. Fortunately, the Zoe model passed all sea trials and finally got to mass production.
However, there is no need to wait for any loud premiere of the car. The pandemic has made its contribution, so the announcement took place in a "quiet" mode. In its homeland, France, Renault Twingo can be ordered in September, but the rest of Europe will have to wait several months.

A special version of the car called Vibes, which was shown to the public just the other day, stands out. The installed battery for 22 kW • h, gives 180 kilometers of mileage on one charge. The 60 kW motor has a power of 81.6 hp. and 160 N • m of torque. The maximum speed of the car is 135 km / h, and the first 50 km / h the car is able to overcome in some four seconds.
In addition, a special pedestrian alert system is built into the car, which generates a special synthesized sound. It will connect when the car reaches a speed of 30 km / h.