Renault Zoe turned into a real van

03-сен, 15;32 admin 11 421
Renault is now accepting pre-orders for the Zoe Van modification, which expands the two-seater van by one cubic meter of usable area and adds cargo capacity. Now a minivan can transport up to 387 kilograms of weight.
From a technical perspective, most of the components were borrowed from the Zoe hatchback, which is equipped with an 80 kW R110 electric motor. This unit is capable of producing 109 hp, 225 N • m of torque, which is more than enough for two passengers and cargo.

The built-in 52 kWh battery can provide a range of 390 kilometers on a single charge on a WLTP cycle. It is planned that this modification will serve as an excellent aid for the delivery of small loads to the so-called "green zones", where access is ordered for cars with internal combustion engines.
Two complete sets of Zoe Van are available for pre-order. The i Business and i Business + trim levels differ in interior trim and some minor technical amenities. At the same time, the more expensive equipment has more weight, as a result of which its mileage may decrease by 10 kilometers. The model may well compete with Dacia Duster and Volkswagen up !, so we are sure it will find its consumer!