Massive innovations are expected in the Renault Trafic van

03-сен, 15;38 admin 11 429
Quite a good van Renault Trafic changed a generation in the already distant 2014, and received its last update last 2019. However, Renault does not intend to be satisfied with what has already been achieved, and is planning a massive modernization of Vienna in the very near future.
The new model should appear on the market no earlier than mid-2021, and judging by the prototypes that were seen in the tests, both the interior and the exterior of the car will undergo processing. Some sources indicate that there will be a generational change, while others are limited solely to restyling.

However, it is unlikely that the new model will replace the current generation of Renault Trafic, because the body of the car is practically identical to the current model. Although the bow has been considerably redesigned, and it has become more massive and brutal.

The main innovations will affect the power unit of the car. An old diesel engine with a volume of 2 liters, apparently, is sent to rest. Although hybrid options and "flirting" with electric motors are possible. Of course, in modern realities I would like to see an all-electric Trafic.
However, most likely we are waiting for exactly the hybrid with fuel cells, which we could see in the Z.E. models. Hydrogen.