5 things we forgot about Renault

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When it comes to Renault, this is definitely a brand we can be proud of. Renault cars are one of the best ones ever produced in France, and one of the most reliable in the world. This brand boasts the indescribable charm of France. And if we are honest, we have to admit that Renault is among those few strikingly great cars we would actually love to see in front of our house. Renault is a renowned manufacturer of iconic cars, and also today Renault keeps on surprising the public with its new generation models.

Renault has inspired car lovers since the early days of the company in 1899 when Louis Renault together with his brothers founded the Renault Brothers Company. The early days of the business were quite humble - the young Louis was working on engines in the nearby family shed. This is a story of the ideal career - from just a hobby to a grand international success.

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Carriage Renault Voiturette

The Renault company started with the carriage-type-like car - Renault Voiturette. The first one to ever buy this vehicle was the friend of Louis Renault's father. It was powered by a De Dion-Bouton 1 cylinder engine. This company started off by manufacturing toy trains but later on turned into an engine manufacturer. This car was manufactured from 1898-1903.

The Voiturette Renault car model is considered to be an excellent example of the future modern car harbinger: the engine was already located in the front of the car and it had drive shaft transmission installed. Louis Renault patented the direct drive gearbox which was also used particularly in this Renault car model. This wonder was revealed to the eyes of the public in 1899.

Racing champion

During 50-ies and 60-ies, the Renault car model Dauphine proved itself as one of the most excellent racing cars of the time. In the Tour de Course, this Renault car model won various times. In addition to that, success also followed in the Monte Carlo Rally.

“Wizard” Renault

Such classics as Renault car models 5, 8, 12 and 18 are masterpieces born out of the cooperation between Renault and Amedee Gordini. Even today we still admire these car models. Gordini used to be nicknamed “the Wizard”. He worked on engines and made cars for F1. His name added to the Renault car models was taken as a sign of the reliability and quality of the brand.

In 2014, the Renault car manufacturer and Gordini celebrated their 50th anniversary. In 2022, we will celebrate 58 years since the successful cooperation started. R8 won the hearts of car lovers with its characteristic 2 white stripes on the hood.

R8 came into the motorsport world with a legendary standout victory in the 1964 Tour de Corse. The weather was appalling and the competition - serious. Out of 79 cars that started at the starting line, only 8 were put on the table of results at the end of the race. 4 out of these car models were Renault cars (arriving as the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th). This Renault car model held the 1st place for 3 consecutive races in 1964, 1965 and 1966.

Renault ZOE electrifies a village

The Renault brand has entered the 21st century with its head held high, turning the dream of the future of electric cars into reality.

We cannot forget that in 2020 Renault started a unique project in one of the most isolated villages in France - Appy. Renault committed to providing every household with 1 Renault ZOE car model. The car manufacturer also took care of all the necessary charging systems.

As this project proved to be possible for such a remote community, how many more options are there in the big metropolis of the world?

We also cannot omit that Renault dealers in Latvia precisely recommend Renault ZOE to be chosen as the new family car. It even gained the title of Latvia electric car 2021.

Renault 5

Fans of Renault still are waiting for the coming of the Renault 5 Prototype. It is a new and sporty Renault electric car model with a unique future design. The company has announced plans to create a collection of new Renault electric car models until 2025.


It has been announced that the super car Renault 5 will enter the market in 2024. The cost is said to be economical - 20 700 EUR. The prototype of this car was exhibited next to its originals manufactured during the 60-ies and 70-ies.

Renault future in classifieds portals

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